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AKANNI, LATEEF ADEWALE, Volume 6 Issue 1, 2022 Pages 174-181, Published: 2023-06-23


The primary aim of this paper is to examine the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the educational system in Nigeria. It is without a doubt the Coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected all sectors of any operational economy worldwide. In Nigeria, the educational system has been devastated and children from all level of classes (high class, middle class, and low class) are bearing the brunt of it. This study offers critical reviews on issues relating to the impact of corona virus on education in Nigeria using qualitative research method and also adopted methods to mitigate the impact on architectural education, so as to manage and mitigate the ugliness of the situation. The paper further explored admixture of literature excursion laced with qualitative dimension to research, by deeply conducting a sojourn into quite a number of existing releases from verifiable databases on the issues of covid19 in Nigeria, with a view to gauging the extent of the relevance of the information to architectural education. The study ended by concluding that, it is highly important that we provide an equitable and inclusive learning environment for the students to ensure continuity in learning for all, irrespective of their socio-economic background. It is thus being suggested among other things, that there is every need for intervention of public-private partnership with non-profits and other governmental agencies, so as to help effectively in advancing the elegance of available platforms, as well as to evolve new ones, that are infilled with requisite strength that is commensurate with public health realities of this era, so as to sufficiently be on top of any pandemic, the resultant effect of which stands to buoy architectural curricula in a way to make them unaffected in the face of such adversity, now or in the future.