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SODIYA, OLUROTIMI OLUYEMI, Volume 4 Issue 1, 2020 Pages 95-102, Published: 2021-10-10


The role of Papalanto- Sagamu road in the socio-economic growth and development of Ogun State, and Nigeria at large, cannot be over emphasized. However, the deplorable condition of the road in terms of the pilled off of the paved surface, leading to wearing of the road surface and lack of road furniture have undermined the optimum performance of the road. An on-spot assessment was carried out on the condition of the road, while a traffic survey was conducted. The assessment of the effects of the road was done on the basis of the classification of the effects into three (3) classes. A purposive sampling method was adopted, and an Origin and Destination Survey was conducted for traffic count, while a structure questionnaire was used to collect data on the effects of the condition of road on 140 respondents based on the types of vehicle used on the road. Findings revealed that motorcycle has the highest frequency of 535 on daily average (57%) on Papalanto Intersection-Sagamu Interchange, and 46 on daily average (61%) on Sagamu Interchange- Papalanto Intersection. However, averages of 1700 vehicles ply the road on daily average. Delay in the movement of vehicle has the highest frequency of the effect of the condition of the road with 91 respondents out of 140 respondents, representing 65%, identified it as a major effect. The analysis has shown that the road has been underutilized as a result of its condition. The rehabilitation of the road is therefore recommended, with proper monitoring in order to achieve an international standard. Construction of tollgate at both end of the road is recommended, with the collection and utilization of tollgate fee for proper maintenance of the road.